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Artificial intelligence meets learning. intelligent learning systems.

Discover how's FazBoard and FazBot products are revolutionizing education through advanced artificial intelligence, infinite canvas classrooms, and LMS integration.

Meet our Partners

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Our Products

Put FazBoard & FazBot to work in the classroom.

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AI Teaching Assistant

Say goodbye to delayed responses and hello to instant assistance! 

FazBot, the personal AI teaching assistant, is here to revolutionize the way students learn. Designed to cater to individual learning preferences, academic levels, and fields of study, FazBot engages students in conversation and provides on-demand responses 24/7.

Not just a chatbot, FazBot actively collects feedback from learners and analyzes student inquiries and learning patterns. This valuable data is used to intelligently enhance the curriculum, making adjustments to substance, difficulty, clarity levels, and delivery methods. With FazBot, each student receives the tailored education they deserve.

Redefining Virtual Classrooms

Teacher + Group + Individual Learning Spaces

The FazBoard intelligent classroom takes the virtual & hybrid learning experience to a new level. By blending infinite digital boards with advanced Artificial Intelligence, FazBoard shifts the focus from teaching to active learning.


FazBoard offers three unique spaces - the teacher's space, individual learner's space, and a collaborative group learning space, all intentionally designed to cater to specific user needs.

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Connect to your LMS of choice.

Access your course material directly by integrating with your favorite Learning Management System (LMS).

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