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World AI Cannes Festival 2023 - Cannes, France

Updated: May 30, 2023

On a bright February day, the coastal city of Cannes, France, renowned for its International Film Festival, played host to another globally significant event – the World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF). Cannes swapped its typical parade of stars for a constellation of some of the world’s brightest minds in tech. The Palais des Festivals became a hub for innovation and among the presenters was the team from Fawzi BenMessaoud, Ph.D., Eliza Ash, and Brandon Fischer of Alleo.

WAICF serves as a dynamic platform that drives thought leadership, exploring the way AI is

progressively reshaping numerous sectors, from healthcare and finance to education. Being chosen to present at this event is a testament to the work being carried out by the team at

The team had the honor of presenting "FazBoard," an intelligent classroom with an AI assistant designed to address critical challenges in education such as student engagement, learning disparity, diversity, and teaching and learning equity. FazBoard integrates an infinite digital canvas with a cognitive software bot, leveraging the power of human-AI interaction in educational contexts. FazBoard allows teachers to present and deliver materials to learners across all modalities, facilitating interactive and collaborative experiences. Beyond this, it introduces an AI Assistant that provides instant responses to students' inquiries 24/7, offering intelligent tutoring and mentoring, as well as automating learning analytics. The implications of this are significant – the resulting insights can lead to a continuous improvement in curriculum substance, difficulty levels, delivery methods, and styles.

It was an exhilarating experience to take the stage at WAICF and introduce FazBoard to a global audience of tech enthusiasts and AI experts. We were thrilled to share our vision for AI in education and demonstrate how is actively driving change in this space.

If you missed the presentation at the World AI Cannes Festival or would like to experience it again, please join us at EdMedia + Innovate Learning in Vienna, Austria this July & Future Technologies Conference in San Francisco this November.

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